September 2017

Bournemouth Marathon 8 October 2017

Ken Adams and friends are supporting us again this year when they run the half marathon. Good luck to them improving their time this year. Also SI Bournemouth is supporting Cementing Futures by manning the hydration station near Bournemouth pier again -thanks to all those planning to help by opening the water, handing it to

Hornblow JOGLE

We are now on day 4 of the JOGLE and Steph and Jono are making good progress from John O’Groats on their way to Lands End  on their tandem raising money for Cementing Futures. They started from Glencoe this morning and are now in Arrochar on the bank of Loch Long. Follow their blog on

Jane and Duncan BBQ

Fingers crossed for fine weather, as Jane and Duncan are holding a BBQ Friday 15 September  to raise funds for Cementing Futures. The Bournemouth SI Club will be out to give support, along with their friends and families. Don ‘t forget your swimsuits as the pool will be open!


It’s not long now and Steph and Jono are hotting up to get started on Saturday September 23.They are both getting quite excited, if not a little nervous at the enormity of the challenge they have set themselves. Bobbie and Liz are also preparing to be the “roadies” and try and give some support along